22 September 2013

Magicards Holokote Tool - ID Card Security

The Magicard range of ID card printers offer a unique security feature called Holokote.

HoloKote is a watermark that is printed on to a card during the print cycle - meaning no extra consumable costs.

The entry level Magicard Pronto and mid range Magicard Enduro+ both offer the Holokote feature whereby the watermark is embedded into the clear overcoat layer in a standard grid pattern. One of  four designs can be chosen.

With the top end Magicard Rio Pro you can choose to customise this watermark and have it printed over the entire surface of the card. This is known as Custom Holokote Flex and the design will be unique to your printer. This is controlled by updating the firmware of your printer with the image as well as inserting an RFID card that has the image encoded into it's chip. 

The Holokote watermark can only be seen if the card is tilted against a light source. When the Holokote feature is used in conjunction with Magicards Holopatch cards, the Holokote can clearly be seen laid over the gold patch on the card, creating a stunning visual security mark.


  1. I won't lie, Magicard is definitely one of my favorite pieces of staff card software. There's just so much it does right!

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